Notes to Antiphon by Petra Veber and Leja Jurišić is the conclusion of the first phase of reading The Antiphon, the great work by Djuna Barnes, as well as an announcement of the Slovenian translation by Miklavž Komelj, which will be published by cf.
"One could almost see a modern Oresteia in it. In a way, it is precisely carrying out an interrogation of the whole of Western civilisation, a much deeper and crueller interrogation than the one it has suffered at the hands of its enemies..."

-James Burn Singer, The Times Literary Supplement

This installation is the first public reading of The Antiphon in silence. The exhibition of the text is presented as an installation in a space that includes photographs of the reading process of the text. In their work, Jurišić and Veber are questioning whether the body can be as powerful as the word, and whether it is only in silence that the body is able to articulate a thought that can be understood by another. 

The opening of Notes to Antiphon is on 1 December 2023 at 6 pm with a 7-minute performance by Leja Jurišić, followed by a talk by Miklavž Komelj, with repetition of the intervention on 2 and 3 December 2023 from 17h to 18h at Studio Pekinpah.



Leja Jurišić and Petra Veber in collaboration with Miklavž Komelj
producer: Žiga Predan;
production: Pekinpah


1 December at 6 pm - Opening: intervention 7' Leja Jurišić, installation + talk with translator

2 December at 5pm: intervention 7' Leja Jurišić, installation

3 December at 5pm: intervention 7' Leja Jurišić, installation