If in the '60s the question was 'How to be together?' and if this question always turned into particular relations of power, the basic question in the conditions of radical individualism is 'Is there anything at all between the two of us?' What is it that defines a relationship between two individuals? What is it that exists between the two, for which both of them could claim to be something that is between them?


Če je vprašanje 60-tih bilo kako biti skupaj in če se je to vprašanje vedno spremenilo v neka razmerja moči, je temeljno vprašanje v pogojih radikalnega individualizma: ali je sploh kaj med nama? Kaj je tisto, kar opredeljuje razmerje med posameznikoma? Kaj je tisto, kar je med dvema, za kar oba/obe lahko trdita, da je nekaj, kar je med njima?


Created by Leja Jurišić & Teja Reba; Performed by Leja Jurišić & Teja Reba; Scenography advice by Žiga Kariž; Light Design by Borut Cajnko; Video by Kaja Mihajlović; Design and Photo by Nathalie Reba Produced by Exodos Ljubljana; Coproduced by Pekinpah, Maska, Bunker, Gledališče Glej, Plesni teater Ljubljana, Pa-f; Supported by: Ministry of Cuture Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture
Photo by Nada Žgank


KRANJ (Gibanica), 15 April 2012
LYON (Les Subsistances), 6 October 2011
LYON (Les Subsistances), 5 October 2011
LJUBLJANA (Mladi levi), 23 August 2011
LJUBLJANA (Gibanica), 25 February 2011
LJUBLJANA (Old Power Plant), 28 November 2010
ATHENS (Cacoyannis Cultural Centre), 30 October 2010
LJUBLJANA (Španski borci), 13 February 2010
LJUBLJANA (Španski borci), 12 February 2010
LJUBLJANA (Old Power Plant), 4 February 2010
LJUBLJANA (Old Power Plant), 3 February 2010
LJUBLJANA (Old Power Plant), 20 November 2009



Med nama is a refreshment for Slovene stages: it fills them with humor, imagination and reflection - all in one package. And the package is neither entertaining nor stuffy or fatalistic, it is just the right mixture of it all
Ana Schnabel, Dnevnik, 1 December 2009

... Leja Jurišić & Teja Reba walk a fine line between private and public, backstage and stage in this well performed play
Mojca Kumerdej, DELO, 24 November 2009

The performance Between Us summarizes and develops a series of experience gained by the artists in their work during these past years, among others their remarkable reactivity to the given situation and a special talent for the customs fee for moderation at the border crossing between the audience and the show. The performance researches the diverse aspects of dance, body, intimate, work and public relations between two partakers faced with the certainty of an impermanent limit. Leja Jurišić and Teja Reba take the temperature of those limits.
Rok Vevar, Gibanica


Performans Med nama avtoric in izvajalk Teje Reba in Leje Jurišić je prava osvežitev slovenskih odrov: nanje je pripeljal humor, domišljijo in refleksijo v paketu, ki ni zabavljaški, ni resnoben in ne fatalističen, temveč ravno prav vmes.
Ana Schnabl, Dnevnik